Twin Block Appliance

The Twin Block functional appliance is designed to correct jaw positioning, so that the bite is properly aligned. It consists of an upper and lower plate, which work together to pull the lower jaw forward. While this appliance is suitable for patients of all ages, it is generally used during Phase 1 of orthodontic treatment, to treat children who have an underdeveloped jaw. To ensure treatment progresses as planned, the appliance should be worn at all times. It should only be removed for cleaning and during sport activities. Patients may experience temporary discomfort and difficulty speaking the first few days of wear. We will provide specific instructions for activating the screw. Patients should follow instructions carefully to ensure effective results are achieved within the least amount of time.

Roth Appliance

The Roth appliance is a straight-wire fixed appliance that is programmed and pre-adjusted, meaning that the torque has been pre-adjusted to correct the tooth position. It has a low profile with rounded tie wings, and is used to correct intrusion and extrusion of teeth.